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When Ms Spicy Met Mr Hawt

Our First Impression

In fairy tales, sparks fly when lovers meet for the first time and within seconds, they fall head over heels for each other. For Aldrich and Inessabelle, it was the complete opposite.

Aldrich is a worship leader at church. With his adorable dimples and cheerful personality, girls had “gone crazy” over him. Inessabelle’s female friends took notice of him and even asked her if he would be her “cai” (ideal partner). “No” was her reply as she thought that she probably would not get to know him personally.

Inessabelle enjoys listening to music and watching drama so whenever Aldrich was acting or playing a gig during church events, she would naturally be attracted over to watch the performances (Special thanks to Aldrich’s friend, Jovan, whose wonderful voice once lured Inessabelle to exchange glances with Aldrich for a brief moment at a music showcase).

What Aldrich and Inessabelle didn’t know was that a serendipitous encounter was awaiting ahead for them…

One fine evening, they met at a dinner arranged by their common Drama Ministry friends (Thanks to Jace and Mike!). Coincidentally, they sat opposite each other. An awkward silence initially lingered between these two strangers due to a misunderstanding.

Inessabelle: Why is this guy so impolite? He didn’t even bother to introduce himself to me. Arrrggghhhh! (Rolling eyes) I shall focus on sending emails.

… meanwhile

Aldrich: (Thinking) I can’t initiate conversation with this lady opposite me as she is busy with her phone.

The Turning Point

Google brought them together! Well not quite but at least it got them talking. Inessabelle was previously working at Google office and geeky Aldrich was immediately drawn to chat with her as soon as he overheard it during the dinner. (Aldrich’s dream workplace is Google)

Thanks to this group of common friends at the dinner, they were then added into a WhatsApp group and managed to stay in contact over time.

Aldrich took the golden opportunity to #Instagram congratulate Inessabelle on her graduation day.

It led to their first dinner on the pretext of celebrating her graduation. Amusingly, they were “caught in action” by Aldrich’s friends from the Sound Ministry even though the venue (Golden Mile Complex) was quite secluded on a weekday evening.

It didn’t take long for them to discover that they have many things in common…

Horror movies, Spicy foods, Music, Dancing, Photography, Social media, Community efforts, Writing etc. They became best friends and romance blossomed.

Boldly Pursue Love

That was how Ms Spicy met Mr Hawt and we are now in the process of tying the knot and starting a new chapter of our lives together.

We hope our story has inspired you to boldly pursue love in your own beautiful story!

Aldrich & Inessabelle

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