10 Europe Cities in 20 Days (Honeymoon Travel Trip Itinerary)

We travelled to 10 European cities in 20 days for our honeymoon trip in 2018. The ten cities are Rome, Amalfi coast, Barcelona, Brussels, Prague, Vienna, Milan, Cinque Terre, Pisa and Florence.

Enjoy our highlights featuring the attractions, food & activities we did. Plus some tips too. Enjoy!

Rome, Italy (3 days)

Rome was our gateway to Europe as it was where we first landed and also departed to our home country, Singapore. There’s a lot of historical places to explore, which can be explored by walking around, riding a bicycle or even on a segway. We highly recommend visiting the Vatican Museum!

Tips: Some roads at Rome are uneven so it requires more effort to travel with luggages on wheels.

Amalfi Coast, Italy (2 days)

We travelled by bus from Rome to Amalfi Coast and stayed at Positano area. This place is simply a beauty! Those colourful walls on the building that you see on the postcard, yes it is exactly like that. Generally the accommodation is more costly and we recommend getting one with a view. You don’t have to choose the most expensive and you can still find affordable options with the splendid view. You can also travel by boat to Capri Island, which is also really pretty and worth the trip.

Tips: Plan the places you want to catch sunset or sunrise. Book restaurants in advance especially those with sunset view.

Barcelona, Spain (3 days)

We really enjoyed soaking in Barcelona’s culture. Consider starting the city exploration with a walking tour. There are those that operates through tips and others that charge a fee.

Tips: Join the Sardana Catalan dance with locals by holding hands and dancing together. It’s really warms the heart.

Brussels, Belgium (2 days)

Brussels have a lot of food to try, museums to explore and consider a beer tour with tasting.

Tips: Apart from the regular restaurants, consider trying out some of the food trucks.

Prague, Crezh Republic (2 days)

The Prague castle is definitely a must to explore. The view is breathtaking. During our visit, we encountered at least 3 to 4 couples taking their wedding photos there.

Tips: Wear some nice clothes and take lots of photos with the view at the Prague Castle.

Vienna, Austria (2 days)

Many museums and attractions to explore.

Tips: Immerse yourself with the music of Vienna. Consider going for a musical concert and visiting the Music Museum.

Milan, Italy (1 day)

Shopping and more shopping!

Tips: Have at least one gelato per day while you are at Italy!

Cinque Terre, Italy (2 days)

Take time to explore the 5 villages. Each village has its own charm and allow yourself to even get lost sometimes because you never know what you can discover.

Tips: Wear proper shoes because there’s gonna be a lot of walking and climbing up if you really want to explore the 5 villages.

Pisa, Italy (1 day)

Yes, photos with the Pisa tower is a must, I guess. It is touristy but it’s an iconic place you can show your friends and family.

Tips: Plan your pose beforehand by browsing popular Pisa photos via hashtags and consider bringing some props to make your photos more outstanding.

Florence, Spain (2 days)

Shopping and more shopping!

Tips: Consider visiting the outlet malls to get some deals on branded products.